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Housing Disrepair

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Each landlord is obligated by law to ensure that the property/properties that they are renting out to their tenants is suitable to live in.

If you are in a private residential property or council housing and the landlord has left the property in a state of disrepair, do not hesitate to contact us to claim compensation and ensure that the repairs are carried out.

If you live in a rented property and there are issues such as; damp, mould, broken doors etc., and your landlord has failed to solve these issues, you may be eligible for compensation. We have worked on similar cases and may be able to get you the compensation you deserve.

Landlords have a legal duty to maintain the structure of their properties and to ensure it is kept in a good state of repair so that their tenants can live safely and comfortably.

In Section 11 of the Landlord and Tenancy Act 1985 it states statutory minimum obligations on your landlord in which they must ensure the property is structurally safe and that faults are rectified within a reasonable time period of being notified of these issues.

If you have notified your landlord of any of the following types of issues and these issues have not been rectified within a reasonable time period you may be eligible for compensation;

  • -Damp or mould on walls, ceilings, skirting boards or flooring
  • -Water damage from leaks from the roof, doors, windows, radiators, bathroom or kitchen fittings or any pipework
  • -Defective or leaking roof, guttering downpipes or drains
  • -Defective or rotten windows and doors
  • -Defective bathroom fittings
  • -Internal damage to wallpaper, paint, carpets/floor coverings and curtains
  • -Defective electrical wiring, sockets or other fixtures such as extractor fans
  • -Defective heating systems and radiators
  • -Draughty doors or windows
  • -Defective gas and water pipe work
  • -Mice, rats or other pests
  • -Any other damage to your property regardless of how minor