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The enthusiastic, experienced team here at Cartman and Ross Solicitors understand that dealing with family issues can be distressing – whether it is the death of a loved one or making decisions for someone who is unable to do so themselves.

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Many people use trusts as a flexible way of leaving assets behind without directly passing them to the beneficiaries. You can start a trust at any point in your life.

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Power Of Attorney

A Lasting Power of Attorney is a legal document which gives authority to the Attorney to make specific decisions on behalf of another person. The Lasting Powers of Attorney replaced the Enduring Powers of Attorney in 2007 and is a more versatile document.

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Probate can be complicated in some circumstances. The executor needs to apply to the Probate Registry to be appointed prior to being able to distribute your assets as well as trying to understand the terminology and documents- this can add further distress to the grievance of a loved one.
This is the reason that many people choose a solicitor to act as the executor as we are experienced in sympathetically handling the affairs of the deceased to relieve the burden from a grieving person, we can also guide your chosen executor through the process.

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Housing Disrepair

Each landlord is obligated by law to ensure that the property/properties that they are renting out to their tenants is suitable to live in.
If you are in a private residential property or council housing and the landlord has left the property in a state of disrepair, do not hesitate to contact us to claim compensation and ensure that the repairs are carried out.

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Cavity Wall Claims

Don’t wait for damp, mould or excessive condensation to affect your home. These are just some of the indications of cavity wall insulation failure, act now and put things right.

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Criminal Law

The process of being investigated, charged or arrested with an offence can be distressing for both you and your family.
Our team of experts offer unprejudiced defence for people accused of crimes, including financial and regulatory offences.
If you have been accused of committing a crime or are being investigated by a regulatory body such as the Financial Conduct Authority or HM Revenue and Customs, we can offer you advice and representation.

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Debt Recovery

It is common that people mistake debt recovery as an action that only large businesses with accounts teams and legal departments undertake. Private individuals are just as likely to be owed money by friends, family and businesses, this is known as personal debt.

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Insolvency & Bankruptcy

Have you been served with a statutory demand or a bankruptcy petition? Has a bankruptcy order already been made against you? Is your Trustee or the Official Receiver seeking the sale of your house or other property? At Cartman and Ross Solicitors we can assist you in these complex and potentially devastating situations.

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In life, there may be times where we need the advice of a professional. If that professional makes a mistake it can have serious consequences for you and you could be eligible to make a claim for negligence.
If you feel that a professional has let you down, please contact our offices so we can advise you on whether or not you could claim compensation.

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Dispute Resolution

The range of potential disputes are far wider than this, they often cover areas of law such as property, personal affairs and employment. This is why our firm play a central role in the services we offer to customers.

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Company Disputes

While every dispute differs, they each have one thing in common – the possibility of escalating quickly and becoming extremely expensive. Our main focus is to get to the heart of the dispute, however complex it is, and creating a strategy to resolve it as swiftly and cost efficiently as possible.

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