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Why should you make a will?

People have different reasons for not wanting to write a will; however it is crucial to understand that should the unexpected happen, if you do not have a will there will be no control as to who will receive your possessions or estate. This can leave spouses, children and other members of the family in a vulnerable position during a very distressing time.

Without a will your possessions could be handed over to someone who you do not like or a distant relative.

By making a will, this ensures that whoever you choose to leave your money, property and possessions upon your death will receive what you have left behind, you can also choose an executor to have the responsibility of organising this for you. In a will you can also specify a guardian for any dependents such as children, should you need to, so that you can set up a trust to manage your assets and to ensure their welfare in the future.

Making a will

Here at Cartman and Ross Solicitors we understand that making a will can be daunting, however we will make it as straightforward as possible. If you ever need to amend your will due to circumstances such as marriage or divorce, we can update your will accordingly. Our promise is to handle all of your requirements both sensitively and efficiently, whilst explaining each legal aspect in a simple yet straightforward manner.