Insolvency & Bankruptcy

Cartman & Ross

Insolvency & Bankruptcy

  • Have you been served with a statutory demand or a bankruptcy petition?

  • Has a bankruptcy order already been made against you?

  • Is your Trustee or the Official Receiver seeking the sale of your house or other property?

  • At Cartman and Ross Solicitors we can assist you in these complex and potentially devastating situations.

  • If you ignore your creditors or debts this will only worsen the situation, therefore it is vital that you seek professional advice at the earliest stage.

  • We will assess your situation and work with you to discuss potential effects and implications of bankruptcy. You may have reasonable grounds to challenge the statutory demand or bankruptcy petition. We can also suggest alternative measures- bankruptcy is not the only option.

  • Our experts can advise you on the following:

  • - Statutory demands

  • - Bankruptcy

  • - Annulment of bankruptcy

  • - Individual Voluntary Arrangements

  • - Consequences of bankruptcy for you and your family including action by the Trustee to take possession of your home and recovery of assets

  • - Corporate insolvency