Debt Recovery

Personal Debt

  • It is common that people mistake debt recovery as an action that only large businesses with accounts teams and legal departments undertake. Private individuals are just as likely to be owed money by friends, family and businesses, this is known as personal debt.

  • Common types of private debts often owed to individuals include:
    • - A personal loan to a family member, friend or former partner

    • - A loan to a business, employer or start-up

    • - Proceeds from the sale of private goods (i.e. car, equipment etc.)

    • - Rent owed by a current or previous tenant

    • - Wages not paid by an employer

    • - Deposit not returned

    • - A refund that has been agreed but not paid

    • We can assist you with all personal debt issues, please do not hesitate to contact us to get through to one of our expert solicitors.

    • In all businesses, regardless of how effective your credit control procedures are, there are always going to be occasions where disputes or legal issues arise during the collection of overdue debts.