Dispute Resolution

Cartman & Ross

Dispute Resolution

The best way to win a dispute is to prevent them from happening.

  • However, it is not that simple. There will always be disagreements. You can take steps to minimise the risk and to maximise certainty, but you may still find yourself in dispute over some professional advice you may have received, the interpretation of a contract with builders, or even a breakdown in relations with neighbours.

  • The range of potential disputes are far wider than this, they often cover areas of law such as property, personal affairs and employment. This is why our firm plays a central role in the services we offer to our customers.

  • Every dispute starts small, it is how you manage it at the beginning that dictates the length of the dispute. Our team is quick to choose the best solution based on your specific dispute to help resolve your issue quickly and efficiently.

  • Through correspondence, negotiation and alternative dispute resolution methods such as arbitration and mediation, we will help you to avoid having to take your dispute to court. However, if court action is the last option, our experienced advocates will represent you in order to give you the chance of getting the result you need.

  • Our aim regardless of whether you are suing or being sued is to get you out of a difficult situation quickly and without it becoming too expensive.