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  • In life, there may be times when you will need the advice of a professional. If that professional makes a mistake, it could have serious consequences for you and you could be eligible to claim compensation.

  • If you feel that a professional has let you down, please contact our office so that we can provide advice on whether or not you could claim compensation.

  • What is professional negligence?

  • Professionals are bound upon by the law to owe a duty of care to their clients. They are expected to deliver a high standard of service and to carry out their job correctly. If these standards are not met, their client may have reasonable grounds to put forward a claim for professional negligence.

  • To be able to make a claim, the professional person or company must have provided insufficient or incorrect advice resulting in you suffering a loss, this can be extremely distressing, especially if you feel you have nowhere to go to rectify the issues.

  • The issue of negligence can be argued under the “Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982”.

  • This states that there is an implicit term in each contract that the professional must carry out their service with a reasonable level of care and attention. This means there is no need for a specific clause that explicitly states the standard of work expected by the professional.

  • We can advise you on whether you have a case, how to put it forward and to help you win the case and claim compensation for the negligence you suffered.

    How can I get help after suffering from professional negligence?

  • Compensation may not always be sufficient to repair the damage caused, however it could help you on your path to recovery.

  • We understand that it can be upsetting not to have received the service that you expected. We can advise you if you feel that you have encountered negligence by one of the following professionals:

    • - Solicitors

    • - Barristers

    • - Other legal professionals

    • - Engineers

    • - Architects

    • - Surveyors

    • - Accountants

    • - Financial advisors, including banks

    • - Insurance brokers

    • - Doctors and other medical professionals