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What is Probate?

Probate is the distribution of the deceased’s property, money and possessions.

  • If you have left a will, the executor will be responsible for distributing these following your wishes. If you have not left a will, this decision is left in the hands of the law. If your executor cannot nor do they want to be involved in probate, it will fall to your next of kin.

  • Probate can be complicated in some circumstances. The executor needs to apply to the Probate Registry to be appointed prior to being able to distribute your assets as well as trying to understand the terminology and documents- this can add further distress to the grievance of a loved one.

  • This is the reason that many people choose a solicitor to act as the executor as we are experienced in sympathetically handling the affairs of the deceased to relieve the burden from a grieving person, we can also guide your chosen executor through the process.

  • We are able to advise you on appointing a suitable executor when drafting your will.